Cold Plastic

by Silver Shadows

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Silver Shadows seem so-named because, since forming in 2013, they've illuminated and charged dark places — Oakland squats and warehouses, dim-lit San Francisco basements — with kinetic streaks of melody and beaming vocal harmonies. Cold Plastic, the group’s debut full-length, captures and vivifies the dark luster, fidgety propulsion, and circuitous melodies that distinguish Silver Shadows as a live band. Touchstones include the enveloping choral sensibility of Grass Widow, plus the texture and introspection of Pacific Northwest outfits such as Broken Water. 4AD flag bearers loom in the narcotic murk, though not much more than the homespun pop groups on Flying Nun. Which is to say, comparisons fall short. The choppy post-punk disjunct of “Crowned” and “Own the Night” abuts intermingling expanses of guitar and keyboard on “Fragile Dawn.” “Concrete Miles” is frenetic and incisive. “What’s the Reason,” a simmering slow burn. The lyrics, delivered by three lead vocalists within the group, are fittingly allusive, embedding evocative imagery within sci-fi themes (among their influences is the writer Ursula K. LeGuin). The instrumentation is dense and saturated, glinting aurora-like at all times though not at the expense of melodic invention.


released January 15, 2017

Recorded by Evan Hashi and Brian Tester at New Improved Recordings (Oakland, CA) in January 2016.
Mixed by Brian Tester
Mastered by Myles Boison

Faultlines recorded and mastered by Josiah Mazzaschi at The Cave Studio in Los Angeles, CA for Part Time Punx.

Art by Megan Low
Design by Teresa Yn

Colleen Johnson - bass, vocals
Margaret Rhodes - guitar, vocals
Megan Low - synth, vocals
Chase Kamp - drums



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Silver Shadows San Francisco, California

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Track Name: Black Smoke
Watch the black smoke crawl on the water
and the black sky fading into night
I forget it all lying beside her
My memories decay with the light
Will you carry her?
Will you carry her on the water?
Track Name: Own the Night
Under her spell, you denied it
Because the night, because the night
Reaching out, she engulfs you
They can't touch you now, can't touch you now

Steal the myth to satisfy the dream
Under threat of death or failure
Own the night, own the night

She is the throne that could own you
In the light of day, in the light of day
Like a man in love, I'm decided
Blame it on the moon, blame it on the moon
Track Name: Fragile Dawn
I step through the glass of the fragile dawn
In the heat of the tracks I am already gone
Drawn on by the glow from the open door
With the keys in hand we both lean forward
We're watching
On the wild beast's back I am never alone
'Til we rest at last under coats of gold
Track Name: Mindkiller
We opened the door and let it out
We learned how to survive

Fear is the mindkiller
Track Name: Concrete Miles
Better than sex, better than a woman
Thought it was fun, thought I was the only one
Face to face, touching the lens
Blue light, cold plastic in the head

It's a modern day kind of love
You can have everything and still nothing at all

Foggy night, concrete miles
You were here, falling out of touch